I know, I’m a little late jumping on this particular bandwagon, but have you seen what my fellow Brit Bee’er Jude’s daughter’s been up to?  She’s opened a fab wee shop, Poppy’s Pocket on Etsy selling some very cute wee polymer clay items.  Look what I just got through:

The flower row markers are sitting ready and waiting for me to get to my Brit Bee quilt, and so much nicer than the plastic flowers with a number in sharpie on the end of it.  The cakes will be adorning some zippers in the future, and the attention to detail on them is amazing, right down to the cake texture on the side of each slice!

There’s loads of fun things in stock, maybe you need a mo in your life:

Or some glittery Russian doll pin-toppers:

Maybe a little homage to your sweet tooth:

She does custom orders too, so it you have anything else you feel a desire to recreate in polymer clay as a sewing accessory, or jewellery, drop her a line!