I thought I’d do a wee close up of all the quilting on the mini I made for yesterday’s blog hop stop.  Firstly the dense straight spiral for the coloured boxes.  For this I used the inner edge of my walking foot as a guide, and by chance it all came out evenly (more or less ;o) )

Next was the crippling pebbling.  These aren’t terribly difficult to do, but you do have to try and avoid getting trapped by smaller and smaller pebbles.  I think my first section was a bit small, but I ventured bigger after that.  It does use up a rather insane amount of thread mind you, as you go over bits several times!

Taking a break from the FMQ, I tackled the wavy lined blue section next, using a stitch on my machine to get nice, relatively even waves (which might have been cheating, but I don’t care ;o) )

Finally it was onto the pink section, where I used a combination of a sketch from Trudi and a Leah Day video to try and get those darned tessellating snail things, because several people were mean encouraging and said I had to…  Oh dear god I’m bad at these.  Trudi, I’m so sorry, I mangled them!  Having unsewn for about the 5th time, I knew I just had to get on and fight it out, because it was getting later and later on Tuesday night.  I’m going with the blind man on a trotting horse approach to critique here ;o)

Overall I enjoyed venturing further into the world of FMQ, but I think I’ll not be doing too many tiny pebbles in the future ;o)