I apologise for taking so long to get to this, I just needed a bit of time and space to take photos!  A couple of weekends ago I took a great screen printing class with the girls at Bespoke Atelier.  I’d taken their beginner’s class through an itison voucher a couple of months ago, and when they mentioned that they had an intermediate class coming up I leapt at the chance.  The intermediate class was much smaller, with only 5 of us in the group, and it was a two day rather than a one day course.  On our first day we worked on our art work, which was then exposed onto a screen coated with photo emulsion.  The great part of this is that unlike our previous attempt where we were cutting stencils out of sugar paper, and having to be careful not to have loose bits detached from the main piece of paper, with the photo emulsion anything that you draw on your tracing paper in black is then treated like a negative, so you can get far more precise with lines and the like.

As usual, I was trying to do rather too many projects at once, however I did manage to pull off 2 2/3 designs (and the remaining 1/3 was actually my own stupid fault at the exposure stage when I stuck it on upside down).  My first task was a t-shirt for the ASS Gurus for Sewing Summit:

I can’t see us wearing these all the time, but they’ll be good for a quick photo op or two ;o)

Next I wanted a t-shirt for Laura and I for our grand adventure.  Somehow VW camper vans are rather cuter to wear than the boxy RV that we’ll be driving around in, so let’s just pretend we’re all cool and retro, okay? ;o)  I also printed a few of these onto some white klona cotton  (apologies for the crap photo)

Finally the British project.  I’ll confess now that the bit I screwed up is really the bit I’m most upset about, because the idea was to take all the iconic images of the UK and have them as little pictures on the main cross bar of the Union Jack.  Because the images are on tracing paper, I didn’t notice that the image had flipped over when I had to do a bit of rearrangement on the exposure table to fit everything on the screen, which mean that several things were backwards, and, in fact, the whole idea was backwards.  I just couldn’t print it in the end, and while I might try with fabric markers, I’m a bit loathe to try that over the screen printing ink, I may just have to make do with some bright little Union Jacks on my bags, and a couple of panels I’ve printed on white klona as well.

Going forward, I could hire the venue for the day to do some work, but I think I’ll need to save up a few plans of action before I attempt that!