I mentioned last week about the Travel Handmade series that the Sewing Summit blog is running again this year, and yesterday, the last one, was the most interesting for me.  Reading all of these posts and the ones by others headed to Sewing Summit has given me the idea that there are several camps of traveller when it comes to what they will be wearing and carrying:

1. The dressing to the 9s camp – Melissa Eplin, who penned yesterday’s article, is definitely in this camp, and this is what she will be wearing as she goes:

Borrowed from http://melissaesplin.com

She firmly believes that one should dress up to travel, not dress down, as the outfit above attests to – trendy, dressy, she could walk straight into a party when she gets there kind of thing.  She even has a pattern to make the t-shirt on her blog if you want to give it a go (so tempting, but no time!!!)  Alas if I were to wear those shoes I’d break my neck, and as for skinny jeans, well, my rower’s thighs do NOT fit in them, but she rocks the look.

2. The dressing waaay down camp – I’ve read about this phenomenon on a couple of blogs, where people have been observed wearing their jammies to travel.  Now I’ve not seen this, even on the super-long haul flights to Australia, but apparently they are out there, in all their comfy glory:

I have my limits on comfy, and frankly I don’t want everyone laughing at my Cookie Monster Jammies.  Or Elmo…

3. The dressing for the ‘professional’ traveller camp – the outfits worn by every bus tour of middle aged to elderly tourists, and there’s even a website to tell you what to wear (although if I ever find myself wearing a turtle neck and slacks, please just shoot me)  The Guardian also has an article on what to wear for the young and trendy including a (bargain) Β£655 cashmere tracksuit, how lovely…

4. The practical traveller camp – this would be my camp, where luggage allowance plays a part, along with comfort.  If I’m heading on my annual trip to Ireland, where scrambling over bogs and rocks and hills plays quite a large part of the experience, I wear my hiking boots when travelling (let me point out, however, that I do have the laces undone and ready to go at security – do everyone a favour if you’re wearing awkward footwear, anticipate security, don’t look dazed and confused at the person asking you to remove them to get scanned).  Hiking boots are not light, trainers are, pack the trainers, wear the boots, and change at the airport at the other end.

For this trip I’ll be walking around warmer areas, and I have walking shoes for the journey.  They’re light weight, but still heavier than my converse!

Jeans are heavier than walking trousers and peasant dresses, again, wear the jeans.

Layer up – planes are cold, airports are hot, and for SS I know my destination temp is not going to be tropical, so on top it’s a long sleeved top where I can push the sleeves up when I’m warm, let them down when I’m cold.

I also have a Weird Fish jumper, which is heavier than the fleeces and cotton jumper I have for when I’m away, but not too warm, and with the zip can be quickly hauled on and off:

Finally, I have a lightweight raincoat with loads of pockets (to accommodate any slight over-weight limit parts of my hand luggage).  Okay, part of this is because I know I will be coming back into the UK, where it will likely be raining in November, however there has been more than one occasion where I got to the other end and it was raining and I was the only one expecting it, which is especially satisfying when you have to walk across the runway to the gate ;o)

What camp do you fall into?