One of the things that Sewing Summit launched last year was ‘Travel Handmade’ where the idea was that you turned up with beautifully made bags, pouches, clothes etc for the event.  This year when it was mentioned I boggled slightly at the prospect – frankly even when it was first brought up I knew I didn’t have time to make an entire selection of travel bags and a whole new wardrobe, but as we’re edging closer to the event (3 weeks yesterday) I had a mental review of things and realised that actually, I’m not doing too badly.  This is what I’ve got:

1. Laptop bag – this is in progress at the moment, but this was an absolute necessity in the way that a Weekender bag just wasn’t.  Air France/Delta has a policy of one carry on bag plus either a handbag, laptop bag or briefcase, which is somewhat different to the usual stringent 1 bag rule from Sleasyjet or Ryanfail who I normally travel with, so I took advantage of this and decided to take my normal walking camera rucksack (which has no space for my laptop in it) and my laptop in a separate bag.  These are the fabrics I’m using, along with a couple of solids:

2. Pouches – I’m doing particularly well in this department between ones I’ve made for tutorials and sew alongs, plus ones I’ve received in swaps, so my handwork items can travel in style:

3. Infinity blanket – Ali from a2(w) posted about this the other day, and I thought it would be perfect for the plane, so I got what was (for me) some grown up fabrics to make one.  For the flannel side I chose Crumbs in earth from the Nursery Basics selection at The Village Haberdashery and for the voile, some Little Folks in ink from Anna Maria Horner on sale at Sew Me Happy.  I’m hoping this will keep me nice and cosy on the 11+ hour flight leg of the journey!

4. Peasant dresses – this is what I’m hoping to get made this weekend using the Meghan pattern from Sis Boom, and some of the fabric I grabbed in the John Lewis bargain sale a couple of months ago:

5. Infinity scarf – To be honest it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get to these, but I’ve been needing a kick to make them since getting the fabric at the beginning of the year!

Maybe I’ll be travelling in style after all…