I hate packing for long trips with multiple parts which will require multiple types of clothing, especially when I won’t be able to do washing as I go and I have a 23kg limit on the way out…  Anyway, I think I have my garments cut down to the bare minimum now with the following:

a clean top  for each day (mixture of t-shirts and vest tops)
clean undies and socks
1 pair jeans (which I’ll be wearing when I travel)
1 light skirt
1 pair of zip off walking trousers
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of fleece jammies for the road trip
shortie jammies for the hotel
2 pairs fleece slipper socks
2 peasant dresses
1 peasant tunic
1 cotton jumper
1 cuddle fleece (for cold nights on the trip)
1 pair converse
1 pair ballet flats

In addition to this, I have:

a tripod
camera lens cleaning kit
pouch full of embroidery stuff
fabric cut for Shapes & Angles class
3 1/2″ ruler
6 1/2″ ruler
small cutting mat
pencil case
long lens for Laura
beanbag (for the camera, filled with poly-pellets, it’s all of about 2 oz in weight)
presents for my fellow ASS gurus
presents for my chauffeur
presents for my roomies
laptop cable
pogo charger
camera battery charger
toiletries (tiny bottles of these, as I’m intending to buy normal sized ones in Walmart)
notebook for journaling as I go
pogo paper
partridge in a pear tree
kitchen sink…

It feels slightly like the Generation Game – name everything that you can see ;o)

On the way back, I’m paying for excess luggage ;o)