Eeek, I thought I had til I got home for this, but apparently not!  Anyway, for this round of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival I thought I would enter my We Love Colour mini that I made for my review of the book as part of Craft Book Month over on Craft Buds.  I’ve only got 3 quilts and 2 minis under my belt, this being mini #2, so my choices were fairly limited ;o):

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats:

Finished quilt measures: about 21″ x 25″ (sorry, I didn’t think to measure it before I left ;o) )
Special techniques used: FMQ
Quilted by: li’l ole me
Best category: Doll/Mini Quilt, Home Machined Quilt, Wall Hanging

How it came to be:

My original plan for craft book month had involved a large amount of jersey fabric and a dress pattern in a book on jersey clothing, but that just wasn’t working for me, and then my eyes lit upon the We Love Colour book that I’d won back in May.  I really loved the cover quilt, Think Big by Jacquie Gering, so I thought I’d give that a go as a mini (see the original post here for the maths).

Once I’d pieced it though, I desperately wanted to try and recreate the quilting on it as well, so not letting a little thing like only having FMQed once before with stippling stand in my way, I just leapt right on in at the deep end!

I loved the straight line bits in the rectangles, and I tackled that first:

And then it was on to the FMQ, specifically the pebbles first.  Oh boy, this bit nearly finished my wrists off for the week with the RSI I got!  It’s a lovely effect, but was rather painful:

Next was the wavy lines, which I chose to do using a wavy stitch I had on my machine:

And finally the pink bit.  Oh that pink bit gave me fits!  I unsewed several times before I realised that I was running seriously short on time, so I just had to suck it up on the imperfections (and there are many)  Those tessellating snail thingys are tough!

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