Remember how I told you on Wednesday that I’d put all my purchases away?  Well do you think I actually took a photo first?!  Errrr, no, sorry #epicfail  All I can say is that on Saturday evening when I felt the urge to start putting them away for 3 hours after having been on the go for 45 hours or so with only 2 hours of sleep, it didn’t even occur to me to grab the camera.  And the next day I happily carried on rearranging my shelves, refolding, sorting, and still didn’t give it a thought.  I can tell you now that I’m not about to haul it all out again for photos ;o)

So what did I buy?  Well most of these I bought in online sales over the summer and had sent to Danny, Laura’s and my fabric mule.  She brought us boxes of fabric to SLC to meet up with us at SS!  Here’s what I brought home (photos borrowed from several shops!):

FQ bundle of Madrona Road (thanks to Randi for the pic, who I didn’t get this from but got something else instead!)

Madrona Road bundle
Madrona Road bundle

FQ bundle of Indie (pic from Pat Bravo herself)

1/2 yard bundle of Brrr, as a bear maker I couldn’t resist! (pic from the shop on Etsy where I bought it)

FQ bundle of Bella (pic from the shop on Etsy where I bought it) which will be the back to my Echo top.

1/2 yard bundle of Nightshade in Vapour (pic borrowed from Etsy)

1/2 yard bundle Perfectly Perched (pic borrowed from Etsy)

2 x 1 yard Amy Butler voiles, whose name totally eludes me, and therefore I can’t find a photo!

In the shops on our trip I got a few yards and half yards of disparate fabrics for bag making including a little Ghastlies, some Cosmo Cricket Odds & Ends, and a bunch of blank and white French style prints from a few lines, along with Kona School Bus, and a couple of 1/2 yards of binding suitable fabrics, plus there were a whole load of FQs from loads of lines, mainly for stash building, but a few for bag accents too.  I also got a some laminates for bags, which I’m looking forward to getting into, including a little of the French style stuff, some Riley Blake chevrons aaaaand, some Prince Charming frog princes!!!

The best shop we visited on the tour was definitely Quiltique in Henderson, Nevada, so if you find yourself over there, go and luxuriate, it’s a HUMONGOUS shop filled to the brim with modern fabrics.