So you may have noticed my absence over the last weekend as I went on a little jaunt down to Susan’s.  You can read all about it here because I forgot to take any photos whatsoever of the occasion, and Jack was overcome with the idea of all the screaming adults and children and hid in the bottom of my laptop bag (the laptop that didn’t get used because we couldn’t crack the ultra-secure password that Susan’s DH has on their wifi!)

Anyway, on the Monday, children having been safely deposited at school, and no pressing need to hurry back up the road, Susan and I mounted an excursion to her LQS, The Bramble Patch in Weedon Bec (I do love the truly insane names that some of the UK towns and villages rejoice in ;o) ).  Despite what Susan may have suggested to the contrary, I did not contribute entirely to her next Β£200 on her loyalty card, not even half of it!  (Although between us we might just have put on half of it that day *ahem*)  I did some stocking up on some colours I am always woefully lacking in (the FQs), and also went halves with Susan on a couple of ‘bargain’ sale pieces of fabric (the larger pieces at the back):

My larger extravagance though, was the linen.  I do love this printed Japanese linen *sigh*

I think I’m seeing some bags in their future, but possibly one or two other home decor items besides, any suggestions?