Come out, come out wherever you are!  Come on, come to mummy, you know you want to!  Come on, there’s a good little mojo…

Ugh, I have totally lost my mojo for now.  I have no idea what happened to it after SS, but I think it may have hurled itself over the edge of a canyon or something.  Possibly drowned in a cocktail glass, but then it didn’t get that much chance at that…   It didn’t go so far that it couldn’t shout some instructions in quilt shops when I was on the mad road trip, and in fact it had seemed to be creeping into my thoughts on the flight home, as I fantasised about a bag I was going to make from some of the chevron laminate I’d picked up, but since then?  Nada.

For the first week on the Sunday and during the evenings I was putting everything away, so now I have a lovely, tidy sewing area.  Last Friday evening I was trying to finish catching up on all the blogs from when I was away when the incident happened.  On Saturday I slept til late, then spent the afternoon and up to 11:30 pm with my gran.  On Sunday I was rudely awoken earlier than planned, and when I dozed off again ended up getting up rather later than planned, and still had to write my shopping list, do my shopping, unpack my Christmas pressie that both my grandmothers and I contributed to (which I took advantage of  getting during a good deal now while I saw it), sorting out some templates for Susan’s block and finishing that blog catch up.  Monday night saw me having a sudden urge to tidy a good 3 shelves in my kitchen, washing up an enormous amount of storage containers to be refilled with different things entirely, and then having my dinner late (rather spawned by the need to put things away that were evicted by the Christmas pressie).  Tuesday saw me seized with the desire to start refilling the previously washed containers again and start putting them away, and to slouch in front of the PC until I decided to head to bed early.  Wednesday saw me still feeling exhausted and disinclined to sew, even after I’d pawed over the following for my various bee blocks:

My mum and dad are up this weekend, so I’ll only have Sunday for sewing, and I *need* to get on a couple of things, so if you happen to see my mojo wandering by, please pack it up and send it home.

In the meantime I might be playing with this:

Or then again, I may be sleeping…

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