Thanks to all the nice comments on Saturday’s post, all has been quiet since then, and we think we’ve got to the bottom of what happened, which was a complete case of mistaken identity by drunken youths.  For all their bravado, the fact that we all stood up together seems to have put them off returning (that and the fact that the police are watching out for them!)

Anyway, the whole thing totally threw my weekend – I was originally intending to do all my food shopping on Saturday morning before going to gran’s, but that didn’t happen, meaning I ended up doing it on Sunday, and then a blast from the past caught up with me on Sunday morning which rather disrupted that day too!  Which all boils down to having no sewing to show you ;o)  I thought I’d show you my other purchases while I was away instead.

Most of the shops we went to were definitely of the more traditional bent fabric wise, however despite their fabric choices, they did have a great range of tools and notions, and in fact it was these that I stocked up on in these shops.

I love my Creative Grids rulers, but after some shocking customer service in the UK, I thought I’d stock up on the ones I really wanted while I was there – an 8 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ and a 3 1/2″ square (I actually already have one of these, but rather careless rotary cutter use when I first started has badly chipped 2 of the corners).  I also picked up a mitred binding tool (that funny shaped wee thing on the right), a Dritz Easy-Hem (that for some inane reason you can’t buy in the UK), and a large circle cutting template – I’m really looking forward to using this with my Prince Charming bubbles.

Then there were lots of wee bits and pieces.  From the top – 3 wee screen printing templates which I thought could be quite useful on some solid fabrics in a bag.  The Omnigrid InvisiGrip stuff is for the bottom of my non-Creative Grids rulers (they’re already non-slip).  A spool of light grey Aurifil – I’d thought I might use this to piece some of my EPP while I was away, but we were sent a sponsor pack and I used that instead.  Of all the tools, notions and fabrics available both sides of the ocean, thread is probably the same price, so although I visited a few places with Aurifil supplies, I’ll stick to getting mine from Cindy (although I’m not going through it that fast, sorry Cindy!).  I grabbed a 5 pack of Fiskars blades from Walmart (Cathy, remember how you said if I ever needed anything?  You might be about to become my blade supplier ;o) )  and I also grabbed a circle cutter for smaller circles (bring on that bubble quilt!).

After Katy generously sent me a pile of Thangles earlier in the year for smaller HSTs, when I saw these big ones I knew they’d be perfect for a quilt project I’ve had in mind for a while (and which will be there a while yet at this rate!)  More grip things for wee rulers (which I got before the larger roll), and a cool seam ripper where the end acts like kind of a rubber to get rid of the wee threads you’ve ripped through – incidentally we saw this in several shops, the guy who explained how it actually worked got the sale…  There’s 2 different types of binding clips (never tried any before, so I thought I’d try both types!), plus a Sewline glue pen and refills.  I also grabbed another of the Sewline pencils – I have 2 already in different colours, but they’re so brilliant I knew I could use a white one.

Other than that, there is the largest cover button I have ever seen in my life, 3 different colours of Frixion pens (cheaper than at home, and I only seem to find them in packs here) plus some glass headed pins, some Heat N Bond and a buckle.

So I have a notion I’m all set for a while ;o)