So there I was at lunchtime yesterday catching up on some blog reading, when I discovered that Rachael was running a challenge that I had completely missed.

merrily we sew along

The first challenge is for placemats.  Now normally a challenge related to placemats wouldn’t exactly light my fire – I have no dining table, and therefore no reason for sets of co-ordinating placemats/ napkins/ tablecloths/ table runners etc, however I had been thinking for a while that I needed to make something along those lines for food styling purposes for my other blog, but what to do?

Once I was home, my eye lit upon the 2 bundles of scraps I’d grabbed from M Is For Make some time ago – although 2 pieces of the fabric were liberated just before I went away to make a sleep mask, I hadn’t otherwise touched them.  The challenge was for something improv, and I really fancied trying quilt-as-you-go on something, so maybe, just maybe, that would work.  Thoughts percolated through my brain, perhaps my mojo has started to return (I’ll not even go there on the bag I was dreaming up last night, but I’ll have to figure out a few things to make that happen!)  Then I read the rules – err, it’s for border stitched linen place mats, the improviness coming from stitching on them.  Oh.  Wonder if I could do double sided to make them more versatile, you know, linen one side, crazy improv patchwork the other?

I have a spark now, I don’t want to squash its wee light out!  Anyway, here’s my bundles – I haven’t decided what to use yet, maybe a purples and blues one to start with, but I was also thinking of raiding my rather copious charm pack stash to supplement them.  What do you think?

Of course I still have those flipping bee blocks to do!  But then only one needs to be done by this time next week…