My big plan last night was to make a start on that list from Thursday, and I’d even printed out a pattern to do some paper piecing of a sort from this lady:

Just as I was about to start cutting it out though, the night took an unexpected turn.  I don’t talk about where I live really, but it’s not one of the nicer areas of Glasgow.  It’s a flat I bought as a student, and while it does me fine, we have gone through periods of trouble over the years with some of the neighbours, and other people’s issues with some of the neighbours.  Of late we’ve had the occasional problem with some local neds who particularly like to pick on 3 of my neighbours.  The flats these neighbours live in are owned by a charity that rehouses homeless men, after they’ve been through a rehabilitation for whatever their troubles are and a halfway house.  These particular gentlemen are older, all in their 50s or 60s, and are quiet, fairly self-effacing people.  I’m not sure what exactly kicks off these incidents, other than that the neds are going looking for trouble, but last night they apparently lost the plot entirely.

About 8pm, one of them decided he was going to act the hard man, pick up one of the next building’s wheelie bins (that happened to be full of Talk Talk junk mail, wonder who was meant to be delivering them!) and scatter the contents all over the road, trying to break the wheelie bin on our front fence, however the police caught up with them and chased them off (and the bin was made of sterner stuff).  Later that night, a bunch of them came back and kicked the door in to our ‘close’, then started trying to kick in the door of the guy downstairs.  He went to see what was going on, and they started trying to attack him with bottles.  He managed to drive them out the other door to the close, using our neighbours’ cot side (which is lying in pieces outside their front door waiting for something to happen to it) as a shield.  The flatmate and my downstairs neighbour went out to see what was going on, which eventually cleared them out of the close and into the street, as I was calling the police.

Much shouting and arguing in the street revealed that they were actually looking for one of the other neighbours in the next close, but had got mixed up when they came round the back of the building looking for a way in.  We have no idea what sparked their looking for him, other than that they claimed he had hit one of them earlier in the night.  Given that this guy couldn’t beat the skin off a rice pudding, all we can assume is that one of his friends had taken his dog out for a walk, and something happened that we weren’t privvy to.  So I went down to discover they’d cleared off, after threatening everyone else, and the guy whose door they were trying to kick in had what we strongly suspected was a broken wrist.  Having given our details to the police, I took him up to the hospital, and by the time we were done up there, including statements to the CID officers that came up to see us, I got back to bed at 4am *sigh*  So much for a nice long lie today, because, you know, the city may wake up a little later on a Saturday, but it was quite determined I should be awake at about 10 am and up at 11.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…

I’m spending the rest of the day at my gran’s telling her all about the holiday, I may be some time ;o)