Helllooooooo, anybody ooooouuuuuut theeeeeerreeee?  Ahem, sorry, I’ve been busy trying to catch up on everything since I’ve got home, including that dreaded ‘W’ place I had to go back to on Monday :o(  The washing is all done and in the drier waiting for me to rescue it tonight (it only stopped rotating about half an hour ago, it might wait til tomorrow ;o) )  I have put all my fabric purchases away, and my clothes, and the bags are waiting to temporarily go in my gran’s loft, and yet the living room still looks like a bomb hit it o.O  Oh well, I’ll rescue it this weekend…

So, onto the sewing, which there has been very little of in the last few weeks.  Hands up who called it that I’d have no time to do anything!  I got a little EPP done, but to be honest I was mostly driving (over 2,500 miles) hiking up, down and around canyons and other national park features, flying over some and then rafting down them, oh and touring 2 completely different town ‘main’ streets, who’d have thunk it that I’d be knackered after all that?!  Laura got loads done as I chauffeured her around, go see her for the sewing ;o)

Now I’m back though I’ve been thinking about where to start, what to work on, for when and for who.

Finishes This Week:

Hahahahahaha, absolutely nowt!

In Progress This Week:

Erm, well there’s no photo of it, but the EPP I was working on was a combination of fabric from our blog hop sponsors:


Along with the Spring Carnival pattern from Katy:

Monkey Do

Along with hop sponsors:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Where to start?  Well I’m thinking of making up a little something using this:

And then resurrecting this:

Which I apparently haven’t touched in about 5 months – oops!

So that should keep me going a while…

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