Thank you to everyone who played along with my giveaway and gave me suggestions of what to do with Kerry’s Winter Woolies pattern, there were some combos that made me go all tingly!  Anyway, I asked Mr RNG to do the honours for me in choosing the winner, who will receive their own suggestion made up:

Who was:

Congrats to Leanne!  And here’s what I’ve pulled fabric wise for it:

This was one of the ‘tingly’ combos, so I’m going to use this for my main one as well.  I’d loved the idea of linen as a background, but then I remembered it’s a bit of a nightmare to paper piece with!  I’ve pulled something for the background, but I’m keeping it secret, as Leanne wanted a surprise :oD

Don’t forget that voting is still open for the Travellin’ Pic Stitch blog hop!