Oh, I’m sorry, were you hoping for the results of the Travellin’ Pic Stitch blog hop?  Weeelllllll nah.  The judges are still in a hair pulling, bitch slapping battle discussion as to who gets what for the prizes, so you’ll have to exercise some patience, as we called in an outside referee ;o)

In the meantime, for November’s Brit Bee blocks Sarah decided to set us a bit of a challenge.  She had spotted this quilt and decided she wanted us to make something like it, sending us a collection of shades of red solids (or what read as solids) and shot cottons.  So here’s what I made:

There were a variety of techniques that we could have used to approach this, but I decided to go for the inset circle method, which I then slashed and inserted 1″ wide strips into (1/2″ finished), as I had bigger circle cutting power than the others seemed to and it let me use my new toy. I used this technique that I used on the inset circle challenge over the summer.  I also tried to use as many of the different colours as I could to get a good range, I hope these are okay for you Sarah!