So how many of you went Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale shopping then?  I know, you’re wondering how I managed to need any more fabric after the US trip, but in fact I was hunting for something in particular, and by the time I’d decided I *needed* it, it wasn’t available in many places (in fact I don’t think it had originally been available in that many places as a complete line).

And what was the line?  Winterkist.  I love the wee gnomas, and the bright, cheery, not really Christmassy colours, meaning they could be used in winter projects rather than just Christmas ones.  I’d thought when I originally saw it that if I spotted any in shops we visited in the US I might buy a little, but no dice.  I finally found them at the Fat Quarter shop just after I got home from SS, but decided I’d wait until the sales to see if I could get them at a nicer price ;o)  I stocked up on the FQ bundles from there, along with a yard of the blue gnomas, and then grabbed more yardage of the wee guys from with 4 more yards of different snowflakes for the backing, also in the sale, so I think I’m all kist out for now!

What lines were you hunting for in the sales?  Is anything coming up that you can’t wait to grab?  Other than Architextures and Salt Water, I think I’m good.  And for those I’m not thinking I’ll need entire lines either in FQs or 1/2 yards, but the Architextures especially would make great backgrounds for things.  It can wait til after Christmas sales anyway ;o)   BTW though, have you seen the freebie patterns Tula’s had on her blog recently?  And the hexie quilt she did for Market?  Well there’s going to be a kit for that quilt, and I may *need* to get it…

Borrowed from Tula’s blog