Apologies to those that don’t get the cultural reference in the title.  Apologies to those that do too… ;o)

A wee while back Charlotte, from Lawson and Lotti, decided that we needed to have a UK (plus a few guests from outside ;o) ) based text charm swap.  Unfortunately, due to the timing of it, I was due to be gallivanting around the US during the critical cutting/sending stage, so Sarah volunteered to be my chopper and poster – thanks Sarah!  They arrived the other day, and I had fun fanning them all out to see what we got:

I like that there are a few colours in there, and I’m trying to work out what to use them in, although as we have 2 of each that opens up the options a bit further!  One of the possibilities occurring to me was in some kind of QAYG panel for a bag or something, although probably not all of them, and not all together in a bunch.  I’ll have to ponder a while.  What would you do with them?