Okay, I’ve tortured you with all the things I can’t show you, so how about something I can?  This is my Secret Santa gift from Stitch Tease, which came all the way from the Czech Republic:

Di was feeling particularly clever, so she doubled up on my request for bunting or an ornament that could go on the door (as I have no tree).  Said the flatmate, upon seeing it in the hall, ‘Oh, we decorating for Christmas this year?’ Said I, ‘Yep, that’s it.’ ;o)  Well, that’s not strictly true, I’ve also got out the Christmas koala, and a bunch of his little friends, plus a couple of kangaroos, a cactus and a reindeer that ought to hang out on a tree, but with there being no tree just plonk themselves in front of the telly instead…

My impatience got the better of me and I had rent the wrapping paper asunder and hung the bunting before I even thought to take a photo, but here’s what else was in the parcel:

I’ve not opened it yet, I’m saving it for Christmas, but it’s squishy.  I’m not sure if it’s meant to be squishy, but that is how the combined postal systems have rendered it.  I was also contemplating popping down to the Polish shop at the end of the road to see if anyone could help me identify it (I know, it’s not Polish, but they’re neighbours, someone might know ;o) )

Here’s what I sent to Annabella, who had on her list a wee stocking for Zaki.  Now I’m not entirely sure it’s ‘wee’ but it’s certainly a stocking, and what better fabric to choose for a dino-loving wee boy, than this fabric that I had stashed away specifically for making wee boy things, paired with some Sketch and a little perle cotton.

There might have been a little sweet something too, but I didn’t get a photo…

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