I’ve actually been in 2 bees with Charlotte this year, and in both bees she asked us to make her paper pieced traditional boys toys in solids for a quilt she’s putting together for her sons.  For my first attempt this time last year, I did a rocket, and for attempt #2 I was going for a car or a lorry or something.  I was hoping for a little divine inspiration to hit over the last couple of weeks, when I was flicking through my paper piecing Pin board looking for something else entirely, and spotted this from last year’s Christmas hop that Sara ran: 

The very thing, I thought, so I grabbed my paper and fabric and got to work.  I decided it didn’t need a driver, because toys don’t drive, and that it didn’t need presents or a Christmas tree, or any other load either, so here is my final block.  There were no wheels in the pattern incidentally, so I employed my Sizzix to cut a couple of appropriate sized circles to applique on…

That applique gave me fits where the seams met, but at least they still look round!

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