Urgh, despite the fact that I have had Lemsip and honey, plus lemon and honey every morning for the past 2 weeks, and been using the antiseptic throat spray, AND going to bed early, the ick has got me.  I’m blaming it all on the desk move that just stuck a new guy next to me on Monday with previously untested germs, seriously not amused…  Anyway, yesterday morning I woke up and could barely get my head off the pillow without another 4 hours sleep (which I got just after I called in sick) and today I can feel the cold, sinus headache and tonsillitis seasoned with the bi-annual bout of chest infection – grrr.

So, with my head filled with what feels like heavy cotton wool, I’m turning to you for some advice.  I’ve got plans to use my Indie FQ bundle, using the following fabrics from the line:

I need to find the best co-ordinating solid, but I’m not sure which colour to go with before trying to dig out the Kona Colour Card.  So which do you reckon?  This is the pattern I’m aiming for:

Try and imagine the fabrics above in pairs, with the 1st as the outer and the 2nd as the inner

All help gratefully received!