I mounted an expedition to the sorting office at lunchtime today and as well as the Indie backing fabric I was expecting to pick up, I also got some lovely gifts, and a 20 1/2″ square ruler I’d forgotten I’d ordered, which meant that it had to come to me through a side door rather than the usual wee window!  Anyway, look at the lovely goodies I got:

Mystery from lovely non-secret-santa Sarah (which I’ll open on the 25th), choccies from truffle maker extraodinaire Nicole, and another mystery for the 25th from the fabulous list-busting Benta   There was also a big brown box that I’m hoping is my Brit Bee secret santa gift, but I’m not opening that til the 25th either, so if it isn’t that it’ll be a nice surprise anyway lol

Thank you to all, I just wish I’d been feeling more into the holiday spirit and haven’t been so laid low with the ick, all my little gift plans have gone out the window :o(

So have you been spoiled this year too?