I have finally caught up on my Stitch Tease blocks (well, the next isn’t due til the end of February anyway ;o) ) doing a strip for Danny a couple of weeks ago (not *that* kind of strip!) and a block for Helen this week.  Would you like to see them?

Ha!  No, sorry, you can’t, because, dear readers, this is an entirely secret bee, and we have no idea what may be awaiting us at the end…

Well, all right, I’ll give you a sneaky peek of a tease.

Danny wanted our favourite blocks, which was a stretch as I don’t really have a favourite, but there is a style I’m leaning towards right now, and this happened to fit (it’s not all green btw, in fact only 1/6th of it is):

Helen wanted coloured stars on an ash background, kind of the reverse of what Susan wanted really.

So my only remaining ones are Di’s and Hadley’s, and I have to actually assemble Hadley’s into the final quilt top.  I’m hoping to have some more blocks for it by then mind you!