Okay, so I’ll admit I’ve not been well, which possibly explains the Madrona Road dream.  Or perhaps it was a hallucination.  Either way, the other night I was tossing and turning and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with my Madrona Road stash, so now I have a quandry, which to tackle first, it or the Winterkist?  I certainly can’t get both done this weekend, and I won’t have enough batting for both either… Hmmm.

Anywho, thanks for everyone’s input yesterday.  I decided to avoid the paler colours, especially the ones closest to white as I seem to reach for that often and I fancy a change, something to bring out the bold colours in the line.  So here’s the options I came up with in Illustrator this morning, Amber, Berry and Glacier:

What do you reckon?  I can actually make 2 of them because of how the fabric is cut for the stars, so maybe 2 different coloured backgrounds?  They all kind of appeal though…

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