Phew, I got a whole weekend at home there, barring a trip to the supermarket on Saturday morning (as an aside, I know why I prefer doing this on Friday evenings, far less psychos, screaming children and idiot cashiers.  Or perhaps because there’s fewer psychos and screaming children I have more tolerance for idiot cashiers)  However, I’d been out on Friday night, seeing some of my colleagues in an entirely new light (some of whom I may never be able to look in the eye again), and learning that they make basques in far larger sizes that they ought to…  So I started tackling the ‘To Do’ list on Saturday afternoon, ate something that entirely disagreed with me after dinner on Saturday (don’t try the sugar free chocolate from Holland and Barrat, no idea what’s in it but although the taste was fine, the after effect was unpleasant!), but soldiered on on Sunday.  This coming weekend I have an appointment with Sky and Mr Bond, plus a large pile of fabric.

Finishes This Week: 

Piece Bee With You block for Charlotte (which thankfully didn’t need the background redo)

Stitch Tease Secret Santa gift, which I can’t show you a photo of, sorry!  Plus it’s got to go to someone far away, so who knows when she’ll get it for me to reveal…

Stitch Tease block for Helen – ditto

In Progress This Week: 

Brit Bee Secret Santa gift, yeah, another secret thing

To Be Worked On This Week: 

Sarah’s Brit Bee blocks
Brit Bee Secret Santa gift
3rd and final Secret Santa project, but this isn’t due til much later in the month

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