You came, you saw, you voted, you gave me nightmares, and you begged for every option going for this foundation paper piecing extravaganza – oy!  Okay, so here’s how it’s going to go:

  • The theme of the sew along is going to be kitchen related
  • At the end of the sew along you can choose to try and build a scene from your blocks, or you can just throw them together however you like
  • On the 15th of each month there will be a new block posted
  • Each month there will be a block with the pattern already done for you should you wish to take the lazy route happen to be too busy to draw your own
  • There will also be an option of drawing your own block each month, where I will try and review a variety of tools over the months (I should warn you I don’t think there are 12 tools out there, there will be repeats!)  
  • In month 1 you will only need pencil and paper should you be trying the draw-along option
  • I have created a Flickr group with hopefully less restrictions than last year
  • There is even a button.  I tried to make it look slightly more professional than last year.  Stop sniggering at the back there…

Everything And The Kitchen Sink Sew Along

Any questions?  No?  Good :oD