So do any of you follow any blogs that aren’t strictly related to your craft of choice?  I have a collection of bear-making, sewing and cooking blogs that I follow, but also some design ones for more generic inspiration.  The two main ones I follow are Design Seeds, which is great for colour combinations such as these:

The other one is Design Sponge which I only found recently, possibly through a Pin, and which has a range of inspiring posts each day, from business promotion to collections of cool, trendy and sometimes funky things to drool over.  One such collection that I saw on Monday contained examples of trendy ‘cosy blankets and throws’ such as these:

Hmm, I thought, those look an awful lot like potential quilt patterns, and so many basic shapes that one could easily whip up.  If one had the time *ahem*

So what sites do you follow for eye candy?  Link me up!