So after yesterday’s list, what am I going to be attempting for the whole of quarter 1 for the Finish Along, that this year is being hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt?

she can quilt

Here’s what’s up for the finish:

1. A new project in the form of a supersized commission bear, although I’m waiting for the fabric to be chosen for that yet, so no photos so far, sorry!

2. Ruler holder for my new shelves – I still need to choose the fabric for this.

3. Ironing board cover:

4. Winterkissin’:

5. & 6. Indie stars:

7. Messenger bag:

8. Retro Brit Bee Flowers:

9. Pips In Nine:

10. SHQ:

11. Mod Mosaic Quilt:

12. NYB Cushion:

13. Madrona Rd Corners:

It looks quit long, but some are short projects, and some are nearly done already, so I think I can…