Yes, I know we’re a chunk of the way through January, but Kat has been encouraging us all this last week to get our posteriors in gear and write down our life goals for the year which we can review periodically and assess how we’re doing, so I thought I would give it a shot:

Goal 1 – Get my windows replaced.

Reason:  This has actually been on a mental ‘To Do’ list for several years, but other more financial matters have been more pressing/plans have fallen through, and I have just had to live with the wind howling through and/or filling in any gaps with expanding foam, which is messy not just on the windows, but the surrounding walls and window ledges.  My building is in a wind tunnel, this *needs* to get done!

Plan: Once I’m settled in the new job I will approach the bank about a short term loan to cover this and several other goals further down the list.  I know they’ll be happy to lend it to me (my bank statement tells me so ;o) ) but I need to work out how much I need in total, so at the beginning of March I will go about getting quotes on replacing them, before heading to the bank and signing on the dotted line.

Goal 2 – Get my loft hatch widened and a floor of sorts up in my loft.

Reason: At the moment my loft hatch is so tiny I can really only fit myself through it, and things such as suitcases are entirely impossible.  If I can do this, then I can move a lot of things up into the loft, which is a not insubstantial size, and clear out my bedroom and hall cupboards, and retrieve my suitcases and other larger items from my gran’s loft/garage (for which, I’m sure, she’ll be eternally grateful!)

Plan: This falls in with goal 1’s budgeting and time frame, and in fact might be easier to get done first to allow easier access to the window in my bedroom.

Goal 3 – Replace the carpets in my hall, living room and spare room.

Reason: The carpets have been here since before I moved in 14 1/2 years ago, and although they’re industrial type and therefore hard wearing, they really need to be replaced due to numerous stains and coming up at the joins.

Plan: Again this falls in with goal 1 for the budgeting part, but this can wait a little longer, perhaps til the Easter weekend or the 1st May Day bank holiday.

Goal 4 – Replace the flooring in my bathroom and kitchen

Reason: Because there were problems with some floorboards in my kitchen last year, the lino got wrecked, not to mention a few other problems with it, such as the fact that the idiot that installed it couldn’t be arsed to place it under the appliances and just chopped it off in front – grr!  The bathroom floor has been lino tiles, but again there were some floorboard problems so it really needs to be replaced too.

Plan: This falls in with goal 1’s budgeting and goal 3’s time frame

Goal 5 – Paint the living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom and spare room

Reason: None of the rooms have been painted in the last 8-10 years, so they could do with a fresh coat!  Plus the area of damp that I had in the living room from before the roof was fixed should have dried out in about 5-6 months, and I can replaster that bit before redecorating

Plan: This falls in with goal 1’s budgeting, but has a longer timeline of some time in the summer, spread out over a number of weekends for all but the spare room, which I’d like to get done around Easter.

Goal 6 – Tile the kitchen

Reason: At the moment I have no splashback behind my hob, and I think I need something there.  I’ve seen some fun coloured glass tiles in B&Q that would work well along that wall at maybe 1 – 1 1/2 ft high.

Plan: This falls in with goal 1’s budgeting, but will depend on goal 5 and when the kitchen is painted.

Goal 7 – Replace the shower and re-tile the bathroom

Reason: I have a defunct electric shower that needs to be replaced (I’m currently using one that’s connected to the taps) and the previous owners had tiled around the shower unit, so it will all need to be replaced.

Plan: This falls in with goal 1’s budgeting, but this will be a later in the year job, probably around the August bank holiday

Goal 8 – End the year with nothing on my credit card

Reason: When I was on holiday I ended up having to put stuff on my card for rentals and campsites, plus a few things since I came back like the new PC after the old one blue screened itself once too often in a week!

Plan: I will keep steadily overpaying on this, as much as I can afford each month, plus any money leftover from goal 1 will go towards this as well.

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