I often don’t remember it’s Thursday until I see Cindy’s Random Thursday post, and as I cue up my blog posts a day or two in advance, that means I usually miss my opportunity to be random, but I was actually ahead of the game last week when writing my wee list of upcoming posts to write, as it happened to be Thursday and I saw Cindy’s post.  Anywho, that’s the long explanation for linking up to Cindy this week ;o)

Live A Colorful Life

So the flatmate came home super excited on Sunday evening because he’d discovered an American sweetie heaven in one of the local Tescos (we have 2 superstores within a 1 mile radius, no idea why, especially as both are to the east and only about 1/2 mile from each other!).  Apparently there are two whole shelves of everything from soda in glass bottles to chocolate bars to all kinds of other junk, and I think he’d got a sampling of everything on offer (he came crashing down from the sugar high kind of grumpily a couple of hours later).  He presented me with the following:

At the moment, since I’m South Beaching in Phase 1, sugar is definitely verboten, but I’ll probably get to it eventually.  And the funny thing?  I never saw anything like this on the grand tour last October!