Another week, another few bits of randomness (I’m trying to get into a habit here!)

Live A Colorful Life

I reclaimed my kitchen this week, which was a not inconsiderable achievement, and involved lots of hours of scrubbing, and wiping and reshuffling, but I’m happy that it’s now all clear.  I picked up a few wee things to help me along:

Le Creuset stoneware, cool tools and spatula, also imagine there’s a couple of utensil jars

Just little bits and pieces that let me rearrange, or embrace things that were clean and fresh.  Now while I could probably have made oven gloves myself, I actually prefer these shop bought ones because they’re seriously hard wearing, and I’m afraid pretty quilting cotton and the like just doesn’t stand up in the same way!  I’m quite glad I’m about to find myself away from the city centre for my new job though, as it turns out there’s a Le Creuset shop just round the corner from my office.  I think it’s been there a while, but I rarely go into the Princes Square Shopping Centre due to the rather high end nature of its shops!  I picked up the teal stuff above when my friend led me astray in there last Thursday and found it was all 30% off (at least I picked a sale colour ;o) )

Now I’m plotting on how and where to take better photos for my food blog.  There’s an idea brewing, but it requires some of last Sunday’s goals to be met first…