This has certainly been a week of not a lot of sewing related stuff, partly because I seemed to spend hours entertaining double glazing salesmen…  As a tip, don’t ever ask for a quote for windows on a website for a company that, as it turns out, doesn’t cover your area, because they’ll pass your details on to anyone and everyone that does, and you’ll spend ages batting off the incoming sales calls o.O  However, I did get to a final decision, and some of these will be installed in the next 6 weeks or so:

The temps have finally gone up a bit, but now it is pouring with rain, the last few nights I’ve come home like a drowned rat, even in full waterproofs!  Even more irksome, this is what the sky on the OTHER side of Glasgow Green to where I was walking on Tuesday evening looked like through the bucketing rain:

What you can’t see is there’s actually a strip of blue in the middle of that bright patch surrounded by looking dark clouds, it was all very odd!

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