One of the great things about the hooks on my newly installed shelf is the fact that I can hang things off them, and it dawned on me that as well as the planned ruler holder, I could also hang a nice white photo backdrop up there, which could then roll up and be held up with a couple of loops with velcro on when not being used.  Making it portable also mean that I could use it in my planned food photo setup too further down the line.  This was a super quick make using the following:

  • White Klona cotton
  • White brushed cotton sheet remnant
  • Grommets
  • Velcro

I wanted to make sure that the background didn’t show through the colour of my green cutting mat on the table below the shelf, so I doubled the layer of white, using the klona on top, and a perfectly sized remnant of a white brushed cotton sheet, which meant it was also sturdier where I was adding the grommets.  I basically sewed round the 2 long sides and the bottom, clipped the corners then turned it inside out and folded the top over twice to finish it, before adding the grommets.

For the loops (not pictured below), I used two 4″ strips of the Klona which I folded in half and then the edges into the centre, rather like you would with bias tape.  I folded the ends in and sewed up the ends and the side, and added some velcro on opposite sides at opposite ends.