Argh, it’s been another totally frustrating week this week!  I lost a chunk of Saturday to doing my taxes, and a chunk of Sunday to window salesmen and finishing moving the friend that I was helping move the week before, and lost ALL of Monday night to more window salesmen, and then half the snowflake legs I’d cut on Saturday had to be ditched after Monday’s feedback on the first one (you were all right, and I’m now fixing it), so last night was about cutting them up and fixing the first one *sigh*  Winterkissin’ *needs* to be done by the weekend (Thursday night specifically) and I’m getting my hair cut after work on Thursday so I’ll be late home then – argh!  On the plus side I can tick off one of this year’s goals near enough, as I have now got windows on order…

Finishes This Week: 

The photo backdrop, made last Thursday before things went totally down hill!

In Progress This Week: 

I got my big Winterkissin blocks all done (sorry, no photos of the orange ones), and then got my first snowflake sewn up, which had to get reworked:



To Be Worked On This Week: 

Finishing my Winterkissin’ top by the weekend so I can baste!  I think I’ll be taking my machine down to mum and dad’s to do the pieced backing down there, but it should be pretty quick I hope…

Have a great week all,  linking up, as ever, to:

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