The post has been somewhat sporadic this week (ie, we got 2 deliveries all week because the regular postie’s on holiday and didn’t hand over the keys to the cover guy) so yesterday’s delivery #2 brought a flurry of envelopes, most of which was happy mail, or at least not bill shaped ;o)

These 2 were definitely happy mail though, 2 more blocks from my Piece Bee With You girls, bringing me up to a total of 4.  For my month back in October, I asked for View Master blocks from the pattern Kim had put up last spring.  These two are from Lynne and Charlotte:

Given that we’ve not even heard from one girl since last April (interestingly she’s finding time for her other bees), I’m expecting nothing from her, but her block for us was early on the previous November so she got what she wanted anyway…    For the others, who knows?  Theoretically there’s another 6 out there…

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