Wasn’t that a big long word for a Sunday title?!

Anywho, I finally got the last of my Stitch Tease blocks done that I had to post out (*cough* 2 weeks late *cough*) so all of you that have been watching in awe and admiration suffering through this for the last almost year will be pleased to know we’re nearly at the end and we will be able to share the finished tops sometime in the next couple of months.  Well, let’s face it, for me it’s likely to be around 1st April when I’m due to send Mrs Flying Blind hers, and mine is coming in from Morocco so, yeah, don’t get too perched on the edge of those seats ;o)

This is a bit of Di’s block, with her wretched lovely pinwheels, as usual, having gone through the pixellator – bwahahahahaha: