It’s been quite a good week for random this week, so here’s my pearls of wisdom…

1. Citroen C3s and C4s have the same sized petrol tank (which is odd, as the C4 is about twice the size of the C3!)

2. I can plug my iPod into my new car, but it won’t let me play playlists, only by artist.  Staples has 8GB flash drives @ 2 for £10 though, so I can pop my playlists on them if I want:

3. Food served on a slate may look cool and trendy, but it does make your veggies go cold quicker than a regular plate…

4. If you leave my parents house and travel at 40 mph to Garstang (even if you were in a 50 limit up til then), then at 50 mph up to the motorway, and then 83 mph to Tebay, my father will be able to catch up with you just before you pay for your goods in the farm shop… (which is what happens when you leave your sewing machine behind because it was hidden in a room away from the rest of your pile of luggage.  Not that I would ever do that.  Nor travel at 83 mph on a motorway ;o) )

5. Computers send out odd birthday reminders, designed to confuddle people…

6. Disbelief about your departure from a job increases exponentially the closer you get to the leaving date by those who had missed the news.

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