Ahh, it’s that time of the week again when Cindy encourages us to regale you with mad and random facts, so here are mine for this week:

1. You can watch the entire first 3 series, plus specials, of Downton Abbey in a weekend if you really put your mind to it…

I’d never seen it before, since I tend not to read the TV guide, and had therefore missed not only its first airing but any subsequent ones too.  When people started raving about it last year I looked on Netflix, but it wasn’t available then (annoying, because there were loads of other ITV series on there, but I did at least get to watch all of Morse and Lewis that I’d also previously missed during the hunt!)  It’s there now though, so I’m all caught up ready for the next series (which I’ll also probably miss because I don’t read the TV guide…)

2. Council gardeners can do all manner of random, noisy things at 8 am on a Saturday, though quite what one could be doing garden wise on a small patch of grass at this time of year I don’t know, but they called on their friend the street sweeper to come out and play too.  Really people?  REALLY?!

3. I finally found out what steel cut/’Irish’ oatmeal is.  Pinhead oatmeal.  God only knows why it’s called anything else in north America (where the recipe I was using came from) but it meant my breakfast this week was a little different to the way it should have been because I only had regular oat flakes (ie, the pinheads smooshed).  Oh well, still tasted good!  BTW, according to wiki each oat is taken from the husk and cut into 3, I wonder how they know they can be so precise…

4. Photo spots for quilt shots can be found in the most unlikely places.  I just hope Braehead shopping centre doesn’t have CCTV round the back ;o)

Hope you had an equally random week!  Linking up to:

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