Another week, another set of random, so what can I tell you this week…

1. Did you know that 1/2 can of Febreze is not enough to get rid of over 7 years of stink build up:

I’ll let you know how it goes with this:

I am not prepared to go with this method while the temps are usually below freezing over night, and not much above it during the day!

2. Cardboard boxes breed in lofts.  They do, honest!

3. If you use numbing spray to help your sore throat you can bite the inside of your cheek so badly in your sleep that it’s painful to eat for days:

This helps when you can get to Boots a couple of days later when it obviously isn’t miraculously and quickly healing:

4. My company has some pretty dumb visitors to its Manchester office.  In the directions on where to park, it tells you how to go through a process of talking to security and being admitted to the visitors carpark on the ground floor of a multi-story.  Having described how you come out the entrance on foot, and turn to cross the tramtracks, it suddenly remembers that you might be told to park on the 8th floor instead, in which case you have to take the lift down before you turn to cross the tramtracks, you know, in case your jetpack is miss-firing, or the zipline is out of order…

5. When you don’t want people to call and try and sell you something, you can’t get rid of them, when you ask them to call you, they put it off for days…

Well I think that’s enough to keep you going for a week :oD  Linking up to:

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