To be honest I don’t like to bring the day job online, but since so many of you were kindly asking, I thought I’d let you know how my first week at my new job was.

1. Important things were done, like getting my desk, laptop, mobile, security badge and joining up to the Euro Millions syndicate ;o)  Rest assured, we are responsible project team members, and have a risk raised on us winning and all disappearing at once…

2. I have discovered the time when the drivers of the east end of Glasgow truly lose their minds (apparently it wasn’t because of the snow the other day) but I have worked out a get out of the jam clause, which seems to have passed everyone else by, it’s totally sneaky, you go straight through the lights rather than filtering off left, drive a couple of hundred yards to a roundabout, go all the way round and come back to the lights from the other direction with a nice short queue and a better pass at the light phases. Actually it isn’t sneaky, it’s common sense, but if all the other drivers are too stupid to realise, I’m not complaining…

3. I have worked out the optimum way to get over to Sainsbury’s (and Ikea, though I have thus far resisted) in the car, and to the main shopping centre on foot.

4. I have discovered that my fellow colleagues aren’t the fridge hogs my old colleagues were ;o)  But if you are a milky drink drinker, they actually provide the milk (which is the source of more arguments in the workplace than I care to mention, I’m so glad I’m not a tea/coffee drinker!)

5. The team that works at the next bank of desks are some kind of international support team, so I hear conversations in all sorts of languages (none of them are British, though I have no idea where they are from)  I did have to stifle a laugh today though when they got off a conference call and chose to swear in English about the disaster it had obviously been (I only did a year of German at school, I haven’t a clue what it was about lol)

6. Finally, I learned that I can’t expense it if I make my own laptop bag (and that my boss didn’t realise one *could* make a laptop bag).  Darn.

Hope those of you working stiffs had as entertaining week as I did ;o)