Since you were all so great and vocal about the snowflake problem from last week, I though I would canvas your opinions again.  If you were to be going to a workshop/class which was to last 2-3 hours, which of the following would you rather do?  Please note that the examples are not in any way exhaustive, just what I could think of to illustrate the point!

1. Do a complete project in the class where you’re really learning just one technique so that you are able to complete the entire thing in the class, for example a table runner with a simple pattern or a frame purse or zippy pouch

2. Learn a series of techniques, where you have hands on practice on each one, but where you only have your samples to walk away with at the end rather than an entire project, for example a variety of quilting techniques on individual squares, or a variety of bag making techniques on small pieces of fabric to illustrate the technique in question

3. Do a more complex project in the class where you have been sent prep to do beforehand by way of cutting out pattern pieces etc, but are able to more or less complete in the class, for example a mini quilt with 4 different sample type blocks, or a bag with adjustable straps and several different types of pocket

4. Other – tell me what you’d like to do by way of classes (please note I’m not looking for suggestions of actual projects, just the style of learning)

I shall reveal why I’ve been asking later this month…