Ugh, I’m all out of whack this week, finishing jobs, starting new ones, partying to celebrate said change, new routine…  Still, I did get some sewing done, thankfully!

Finishes This Week:

You have to be kidding…

In Progress This Week:

I got 5 secret squirrel blocks done for one thing:

Then I got more secret squirrel stuff for my last Stitch Tease block to be sent off (sorry it’s late Hadley!), and which I have no photo of.

Then I was sorting out bear bits:

And then I got all confuddled and thought yesterday was Monday, and then had a miniature panic attack when I realised it was nearly the 15th again, so I drew up lots for EATKS, which will be shared on Friday.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the Stitch Tease block
Work on the Bear
Work on another secret squirrel project (this is killing me)

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