My making for the week got totally derailed by the furry disaster that occurred on Sunday night.  I’m still so annoyed, I glare at the replacement parts every time I see them!  Still, at least I managed to get some other sewing done, even if I have effectively lost 5 hours on a new head, plus the 5 hours it took to get to that point with the original.  You know, because I have a spare 10 hours kicking around – grrrrrrrr.

Finishes This Week:

My Brit Bee blocks for Jude:

In Progress This Week:

That *@^%$* bear!  I had every bit of sewing done (barring closing the seams) and all the bits turned out ready for stuffing before this happened:

I have since discarded the head above and started again, and got the feet stuffed too.  It’ll be fair to say I won’t be finished it this week as I’d hoped…

To Be Worked On This Week:

That bear.

I’ll also be gallivanting off down south to party with my Brit Bee buddies again this weekend, so I will get at least a small break, then on Monday I’ll be working from my mum and dad’s (playing goldilocks and trying out all their desks as neither of them will be there!) so that on Tuesday I can be in our Manchester office for important meetings all day, so fair to say not a lot will get sewed this coming week!

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