After last month’s washout, I’m hoping to do a bit better this month!  Here’s my planned 3 for March:

1. Madrona Corners.  No really, I’ve been desperate to start this since I came up with the idea in December, I might have a great big noisy fuss be rather upset if I don’t get to this ASAP!

2. The commission bear.  I want this out of the way within the first week of this month, for my own sanity if nothing else!

3. Retro Flowers.  I so want to get my Brit Bee quilt finished this month:

I would also like to squeeze in these if I can, since they’re on my FAL list, but I suspect they might be a finish too far!

Ruler Holder – sorry, haven’t got round to taking a photo of the fabrics.

NYB Cushion from this block:

Get Winterkissin’ long-armed:

A Lovely Year of Finishes
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