A while ago Katy decided to challenge people to join her in entering the British Quilt & Stitch Village competition

My immediate thoughts were ‘err, perhaps not, I’m definitely not good enough to be judged’.  But then I thought some more, and I realised that I couldn’t really complain about the lack of modern quilting in quilt shows if I didn’t actually enter any for consideration (I’ve only been to the Scottish ones, but traditional definitely rules there)  So I’m thinking of entering something which I’ve been working on over the weekend in between bears and Stitch Tease tops.  The top in question is improv, which I hope will get me past the whole preciseness of points and the like!

The categories are as follows, and I’m currently debating which one my effort should go into:

There are six Quilt Competition categories:

1. Bed Quilt Category. Cot, single, double, or larger, up to the maximum size.

2. Innovative Quilt Category. To include non-traditional quilt designs, patterns, techniques and/or materials.

At least 24″ in one direction, up to the maximum size.

3. Wall Hanging Category. At least 24″ in one direction, up to the maximum size.

4. Three-Dimensional Category. To include bags, soft sculpture, clothing etc, and which can be displayed
on a hanger or free-standing on a table.

5. Special Theme Category: โ€˜New Beginningsโ€™. At least 24″ in one direction, up to the maximum size.

6. Childrenโ€™s Category. Open to an individual child, or group of children, up to the age of 16 at the time of
entry. No minimum size, up to the maximum size.

Well, okay, I think we can rule out 3, 4 and 6, and probably 5, although there’s no more detail on what constitutes a ‘New Beginning’, but then I’m a bit stumped.  Is it innovative because if doesn’t follow a traditional pattern, or is it just a bog standard bed quilt?

Are you entering?  If so, with what?