I have made a bit of an executive decision.  Although I still have quite the pile of WIPs to get through, from my discovery at the start of the year, there is nothing that is absolutely essential for me to make within a certain timeframe, and I have only one commission to be worked on, which has no fixed deadline, so I am going to spend Easter weekend working on some patterns, mainly bags, with a few to churning a few out in the next wee while to sell.  Needless to say I have a little related market research for you ;o)

Firstly, if you were using this as the outer of your bag, what would you use as the interior?  I’m thinking hot pink could be quite good (like Klona/Kona pomegranate) but feel free to steer me in another direction:

Secondly, if you were to buy bags at a craft fair, what sort would you be likely to buy there and then?  Market totes?  Simple flap top handbags?  Messenger bags?  More complex handbags?  I think there’s definitely a tipping point from what people will buy on a whim in passing, and what they definitely need to be looking for, but as I’m not really a handbag user I’m not really sure where that point would be.

Thirdly, would you buy more complex bags from etsy?  Or direct from a website?  Or both?

Okay, that’s enough questions for one day, thanks for playing :o)