We in Brit Bee do love a good party!  One of our members has decided that she’s not only going to abandon us at the end of this round, but leave the country entirely (a little drastic one might think, but apparently fabric is cheaper and the sun shines more in Southern California), so, of course, we had to have a bit of a shin dig to celebrate getting rid of her ;o)

When the idea was first floated at Susan’s last autumn, I ‘signed up’ in a heartbeat, and then I changed jobs and lost my opportunity for a day off on the Monday after.  And then the shindig moved another 100 miles round trip away.  And then the meeting that the new job had me in Manchester for on the Tuesday, meaning I could work from mum and dad’s on the Monday, was taken away, and then I couldn’t go *sniff*  The last bit only happened last Wednesday, and I was really upset, but at least I’ll be catching up with my buddies at FQR before the actual departure date.

Still, I have managed to get bear head #2 done, so the weekend wasn’t an entire loss, but still, ‘snot fair!