So this weekend I made my Madrona Corners top (which I finished at 2am on Sunday) and then on Sunday I got down to it and finished the last blocks I needed to add to the ones my Brit Bee buddies, plus guest, made for me for my Retro Flowers quilt.

Unfortunately right now Madrona Corners is too big to get a photo of indoors, and it’s been snowing again (you really have to be kidding me!) so it’ll have to wait til later in the week when I can get to my pet multi-storey on a dry day.  In the meantime though, I can show you my Retro Flowers:

The rest of my blocks consist of 1 other orange one, 12 aqua ones and 11 grey ones.  I totally stole the reversed block idea from Di, ‘cos, you know, she’s a smart lady like that.  As I looked at these I realised that I probably wouldn’t have chosen most of these oranges now, but last July when I cut them all, this was all I had, and you know what, it wasn’t worth wasting fabric by cutting a bunch more from my now much bigger orange stash.

My final layout will be 5 x 6, with 2 aqua, 2 grey and 1 orange per row, in a random order, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to go play with some arrangements…