Well the tedious bits of making the bear are done now, all the cutting out, seam trimming, tacking, sewing and un-tacking is finished, including the 2nd head (grrr) and now we get to the good bit, bringing the wee guy to life.  I always start with stuffing the head (I’m not sure why, maybe I like the heads looking accusingly at me until I’ve done the rest of them?!)  It takes the longest time to stuff, but at least it helped me find out that there was a weakness in the backing fabric on head #1

So here is the (2nd) head of this wee guy (who is actually a pretty big guy), stuffed and facially sculpted:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and stick pins in his feet so I can pull his tootsies, ahh, the glamorous life of a bearmaker bearthing a bear…

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