I’ve taken the plunge and booked myself in to have a taster session on a long arm next Saturday, followed by a quilting session on one of my own quilts.  So here’s the thing, I’ve never had any quilts done by anyone but me on my home machine, and while I’ve seen Angela Walters’ amazing work (and bought the book), I’m not really sure what to expect (other than that I won’t achieve that next weekend!)

So have any of you had quilts long armed?  Have any of you long armed yourself? (used a long arm that is, I think long arming yourself might be a step too far in the body art movement…)

If you have done either of the above, do you tend towards the free motion, or towards the pantograph side of things?  If you’ve tried it yourself, how easy is it to do straight-ish free-motioned lines? (I have an idea in mind you see…)

Last but not least, if you got a chance to ‘give it a go’ what quilt would you do, and how would you quilt it?